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B-slice, your question above is alittle confusing. P90's have 3 following mags, low cap, mid cap and high cap. All low caps have fake bullets in them, physical ones not paper ones. They are 68 rnds each. Mid caps can hold 140 ish rnds and are usually translucent or black. Now high cap's hold 300 rds and have to be winded. What I have found is that mid and high cap mags are very touchy, they can feed very welll or just be shit overall
(misfeeds,etc) I tend to suggest low caps but its up to the player.

Now for the gun, internally it is one of the easiest guns to open up and remove the gearbox. Parts can be easily found if your gun does break down.

Externally, the gun is meant for more smaller built people as after all it is a CQB gun. The body is made of avs plastic like the real thing and receiver is made of metal mostly, however a plastic receiver is made for the canadian version (more below)

Mag pouches and dump pouch are usually the hardest to find for this gun so be aware.

the most widely available p90 out there is the CA cansoft version (tinted upper receiver).

Best thing you can do in the future if you have questions about a gun it search for an review on the review section here on ASC or youtube!

Sorry to take this thread over, I tend to write to much when I'm on my phone. Anyways like t7 said, follow the rulers and you won't have people crawling up your asses with flame covered hate.
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