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OPs location originates from Red Deer AB.

Hello Krellan

If you would be so kind as to add your location to your user profile that would be fantastic, thank you kindly.

Be warned, due to the nature of Airsoft; ASC, its staff and majority of its members stand by the ideal that airsoft should only be bought, owned and used by those are have reached the age of majority in Canada (18). While we may not condone it, we understand we cannot prevent it. So the best we can hopeful is that youth will respect this websites rules or at least attempt to understand them.

That being said.

Purchase whatever you would be more comfortable with.

Armalites generally have more bells and whistles you can tack on, as well as a longer inner barrel and multiple ways to accessorize your front end and stock.

P90s are nice guns, internals and specs aside the only thing I have to offer on P90 is that it can sometimes be difficult to acquire a certain capacity magazine as well as find suitable pouches for magazines.

That is all I have to offer.

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