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Awww... b-slice you lost my respect already... u r nub! u get awp frome AV in klassifi3dz sekshun or fore ch33per u bai fr0me yu ess aye. n 500 ef pee ess iz 2 low u shuld plae with 750 ef pee ess g3t m3lded spr1ng.

And there actually is a basis for 18+ getting guns (and it's only a preventative site policy not entirely law across the country). In Ontario (and only there AFAIK) it's actually illegal to sell to minors (I believe it's prosecuted in civil court (ie. harsh fines) rather than criminal court (ie. jail time)). As for age, 18 is when you can't hide behind your parents. So you become legally responsible for yourself. You may still be an immature douchebag at 18 but at least if shit goes down then it's your ass on the line not your parents who will then go to blame airsoft and band together with other hoplophobes and get it banned.

Anyways. To the best of my knowledge it's actually the local clubs in Van that let 16+ play (with waiver signed in front of admin only, no presigned shit).
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