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Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
jams barrel, piston gets held half way back from the air pressure then the gear strips those teeth that are still moving forward.
It's not the bbs that strip the piston its the air pressure caused by the jam thats caused by the bbs.

Personally, I've never seen a good experience in person with Madbull. I know on my Type 56, they jam both the barrel and the mag. Angelus tried loading Madbulls in it 2 years ago in Petawawa and I had to end up disassembling the mag to get the BBs out. I tried them in my Hi Capa that day as well and also had feed issues on a gun that otherwise worked well. I think they worked well in my SAW though. I can't remember for sure.

After that, I don't trust them at all. I don't know, but I won't put them in my guns anymore. I can feed Bastards through that gun all day without any issues. Others seem to have no issue with Madbull at all. They were nothing but headaches for me. So I'll stick with a sure thing and stick to Bastards.

Sorry Sim123456. Because they worked in your guns without issue doesn't mean they work in every gun. I was there when this happened to Spec's gun. The BBs just weren't feeding right at all. His gun doesn't like Madbull. And considering mine doesn't like them either, I recommended that Specs not use them in his Type 56 anymore.

In my experience, Bastards feed reliably in all my guns, all the time, without exception. I've never experienced a jam of any kind using them, whereas I've experienced various feed and jam issues with other bands of BBs in some of my guns. So it's a no-brainer to me. I use what I know works.
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