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Right off the bat, you can lose respect for me because I will say that I am 16. However, you can gain some of it back because I don't want to argue the unarguable fact that I shouldn't airsoft or own an airsoft untill I'm 18? or 19...?
I think it's stupid, but I won't elaborate why, there's no point. We all have opinions. I have a gun fetish, I really love gas airsoft, blowback pistols, and all the new blowback rifles that have been coming out. I've played with airsoft for the past 4 years or so, when A&A was around and still selling guns I picked up a CYMA AK, KJ works USP Compact, but I then just went to play paintball because it was more accessible. Annnyyywayyyss... hi gaise, i'm new wher can i go to get an awp? i want an awp that shots 500 fps
Is this a useless waste of space?
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