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Originally Posted by ACCL View Post
Sounds pretty tough for us lol. The CBSA sounds kinda like communists (no offense to anyone if they are left winged; im just reading my textbook cuz i have an exam tomorrow and communists came up in the reading :P ) cheers~
I know this is pretty random but if you have time, read up on David Harvey. He's a pretty interesting guy IMO. (Yeah, I'm studying about him right now).

Godwins law prevails.... The CBSA is more like the Nazi's than anything. (I don't know if they are, I just wanted to get Godwins law out there)

Just one question though, why is RSOV on there? isn't the main bulk of their sales from accessories and not actual guns or lowers and stuff? I'm sure people have probably ordered that shit before but AFAIK their main sales are for mostly unrestricted stuff.

Also, does anyone know if places like Airsoftpark and similar sites (ie. DragonRed) are blacklisted? I know they have airsoft in their names so might bring up some flags but for the most part they sell unrestricted stuff.
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