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Originally Posted by SHCK View Post
Is there really a CBSA blacklist if they capture and reject something that is shipped to you? A friend in Hong Kong is sending me a box of old things and I forgot to tell him not to include some old restricted parts that he might have thrown in there.

I know that there is a blacklist for international customs through airports in which you will be flagged and they will always check your luggage - but is there such a thing for things potentially arriving by mail? I know many people have recieved the letters that said that customs were not releasing restricted items, etc. but is there something like a blacklist I should be worried about if something is sent to me?
If you're in the system for a previous seizure, that shows up at every point of entry, period. You then get pulled aside for some extra questions. The system for the land border is the same as for the airport. I had a few people that got flagged for stuff they did down in Sarnia. As for the mail, I assume that there is a similar system in place. If it's bad enough, they'll take notes...if you break the "take a note of this guy" threshold...unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly what would put you there (because I worked with passengers, not postal). Good luck!
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