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I didnt think so either but at the game I was using em and before it happened my buddie told me not to use them because his guns were having a peoblem with them and they messed up his internals as well. MY RS was brand new out of the box, it worked well for about maybe 400 rounds of these and its broken

I have done no poking around in the mechbox. I am pretty sure that RS is very good at putting their guns together. The only other thing that I could think is wrong is the mags I was using but i dont understand how that would do it.

Also I have been airsofting for over 4 years pusangani and I have had my fair share of internal problems. It would be nice if you were a little bit more polite. You can think of me as a noob if you want i could care less but we are all airsofters here and instead of lighting people up we should help each other.

On a side note I probably should have posted this asking If anybody has had any problems with this brand, my bad
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