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If you ever do want to go out and play airsoft you're always welcome. Hell I shoot .177 AND play airsoft (not at the same time though for obvious safety reasons).

Just in case you didn't figure out, airsoft is relatively safe to shoot at other willing participants (the BB's we use are lighter than the steel/lead pellets that airguns use and the energy of an airsoft BB even if it's a .28 gram BB flying at 400 FPS is still 2 Joules which is far below a pellet guns potential damage/destructiveness), while air guns that shoot .177 cal (or 4.5mm BB's or pellets) are a lot heavier and shoot at "495" FPS to attain unregulated firearm status (for 500+ FPS then you need a PAL license). (EDIT: When we play the limits for outdoor play is usually 1.48 Joules of muzzle velocity which is approximately equal to 400 FPS using .20 gram BB's, indoor play is 330 or 350 FPS using .20 gram BB's as well which is 1 and 1.13 Joules respectively)

Finally the easiest way to acquire that revolver is Age Verification. Although we cannot help you source out guns until you are age verified, note that any other questions (ie. regarding gear, gameplay, etc.) are perfectly fine. It's only when you start treading on that you get into problems on this site as it's a site policy to help legal adults with that stuff only. (N.B. It is not law, it is only a preventative site policy).

As for the actual driving out for age verification. Where are you located? If you can even try meeting an AV rep half way that might make it easier. OR even if you attend a game (if you have them happening in your area).
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