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new to airsoft / airgun

hello first of all
ok through rigorous searching on the internet i was not able to find what i was looking for so i thought i would give it a shot here on these forums. Before i say anything else im gonna say that i am new to the airsoft / airgun world. I have not owned either type of gun in the past but looking forward to making my first purchase soon hopefully.
First of all i must say that it is painfully hard trying to find a Canadian retailer for what i am looking for.
i wanted to buy a spring loaded(NOT gas or electric)revolver.
i was looking for something with preferably higher than 300 fps and an 8" barrel. i would prefer it if i could find one without the orange tip on the front like most guns floating on the internet. Does not really have to be full metal as i do have a budget just no orange tip. I am just looking for a gun for starters, just for small target practice and nothing intensive.
i kno its a weird request and i rambled but that is the best i could explain it if you are still confuesed i can show u a link of what i am looking for, an example would be a dan wessson 8" revolver thats a high end one but somthing similar to the "look" of that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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