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So I guess 9.9V is the way to go then?

What about these 2300 mAh packs on Cheapbatterypacks? What do you think of them? Specifically that 13.5cm x 2.8cm x 2.8cm battery? I'm thinking it's a bit too wide though. Otherwise it looks like 1100 mAh might be the best one available for an AK.

Basically the idea of my project is to take a Type 56 or VFC AK and build a VSS Vintorez out of it. Ideally the battery would be kept in the top cover or possibly even have it front wired into a custom fabricated "silencer" but that would make it too front heavy possibly. Otherwise when I custom fab that "distinctive" rear stock (either that or just cheat and use a Dragunov stock)) I'll have to somehow make room for a battery to be rear wired into it.

I've been thinking of this for a while so I want to make sure every detail is perfect/correct before I start to invest too heavily in a project that people keep talking about doing but never materializes. (I'm 100% determined to make this no matter what the cost, even if I have to piece it together over a few years).

Also just an aside, I know that the RS stuff is pretty good running stock but what about upgrades? I'll probably be wanting to make this into an actual sniper rifle/DMR so accuracy/consistency upgrades probably seem like a must (but I'll have to see how it performs first). I could probably dump another $200 or so into upgrading the parts since this is basically my "dream gun" (that is aside from getting a Trigger Master that locks it to semi only w/ delay (to make it like a sniper rifle) or safe-semi-semi (no delay) to make it more like a DMR).
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