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Lithium Ferrite Phospate batteries ("LiFE4PO")

So I'm just doing some browsing online and there's mention of Lithium Ferrite batteries. I last heard about these new batteries around a year ago but I'm now getting interested in them again (after borrowing somone's AK with a LiPO fitted to it 2 weeks ago and then thinking about the LiFEPO batteries and how kickass they sounded when I first heard about them).

Anyways, does anyone know anything more about them and if they're good to go in airsoft? (Other than the "MadBull 9.6v LiFePO4 battery" thread from 5 months ago?) I'm thinking that if I fit one in say the top cover of an AK you could use that all day (maybe more) instead of having to replace the stick battery after half a day of use.

PS: They're supposed to be a "safer alternative" to LiPO's and it sounds like it's gaining a lot of people converting to the LiFEPO's in the RC world but what about airsoft applications?

Also note that the nominal voltage of one of these cells is 3.3V so you could go 6.6 or 9.9V which is close to the NiCD/NiMH batteries (9.6V) that some people use with their guns (although yes I know that 8.4V is standard voltage). I think that people would probably use the 6.6V just like people use 7.4V for their LiPO's (or the alternative being 11.1V).

Your thoughts on this? Also if anyone is a battery person or knows more than me don't hesitate to post up some info.
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