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Originally Posted by airsoftfreak24 View Post
Or maybe, I've already done it with the full knowledge of CBSA? The guy stopped me, and told me I couldn't. But I was determined to prove him wrong, so I obtained his email address, and with the help of Ken (007 airsoft) proved him wrong. so I proceed to buy a JG G36c off eBay for $61 + $18 shipping + $55 for a tinted receiver, and you've got yourself a perfectly LEGAL Canadian airsoft gun . You can say it won't work, but I can say it did

So.... congratulations?
In the grand scheme of things you're still just a kid trying to circumvent a system thats been put in place to protect those of us willing to support Canadian retailers and working towards making airsoft more recognized and accepted in the mainstream.

Also, you realize you go lucky right?

I should probably stop, 99% of the people on here whom aren't age verified hold degrees in Law, Political Science, Theoretical Physics and Witch Craft. They are all knowing in the ways of airsoft and we who've been playing by the rules are just blind to their ways of superiority.
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