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Playing a game at combat 307 in Gatineau, sat myself and 2 of my team mates on a ridge overlooking a flanking route, about 5 minutes goes by and on the path below me I see about 20 of the 30 enemy team members walk by. I opened up with my M60 and within half a second my team mates open up. I dont know how many I got personally but not one of the enemy team members made it out unscathed.

Another game at 307, I was walking up the main path providing a distraction and cover fire for my team mates flaking along hte hillside. I was randomly shooting at objects to keep heads down and people focusing on me. But every time I shot a burst at a bush or a log I would hear Hit and a flag pop up.

During the same game, my squad came to a corner. We were unsure what was around it so we tossed a grenade. No hits were called, so I poked my head around the corner, and saw 2 guys cowering in a ditch taking cover from the grenade. I poped out with my M60 and give them a burst their reaction was priceless.
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