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My interesting story. Laying underneath a bush and I decide to load a full mag in and so I wouldn't have to worry about reloading the mag that only had 3 rounds left in the middle of a fight. Pop the mag out and I hear something so I look through the scope and start scanning the trees across the opening. Damned if I don't spot a scope looking back at me!

I figured I was dead and I couldn't shoot since I had no mag in the rifle. I took a deep breath and waited for the sting of the BB and it doesn't come. I slowly let out my breath and slowly start sliding the full mag into my rifle.

I hear the rifle go pop and someone behind me yells "Hit". Well I'll be....

I cock the rifle and the enemy sniper is still there and I put a round that hits him right in the middle of the goggles.

He swears and starts standing and that's when he notices where Im actually at and his eyes go wide and he starts laughing while walking off the field.

What I thought was a scope looking at me, was instead a scope watching a team mate of mine walking up behind me.
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