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i remember one time I was playing in the woods with my friends I'm running around with a shotgun and trying to hit guys 200 feet away like a moron when I see a sniper point his rifle at me, shoot, and then watch the BB go flying 15 feet to the left and then I sat there and laughed my ass off. 30 mins of waiting for the perfect shot, N/A. Gear and ghillie suit, 200 dollars. Upgrades, 500$. Look on his face as he realized he missed by fifteen feet? Priceless. Then one of my guys stands up and PHHT gets the guy in his shoulder. i was still rolling around on the ground laughing my ass off but I did see the sniper flinch and say "I'm done. Goodbye." and then walk away
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Reality has a well known liberal bias.

Bloody BB
BB Magnet
Steady Aim
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