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Cool Ics sig series external "upgrades"

Please do not make this thread about evike

Sig external upgrades aren't nearly as common as most other guns and I found myself going crazy lately in an effort to make my favorite gun look as sexy as possible (to me anyways). Ive found some absolute crap and some things worth buying with a comprise. Now please realize I'm typing this on my phone and it has an annoying auto fill feature. When I get a chance I'll jump on a computer and fix some spelling/grammar errors.

Four product reviews:

1) ICS Steel Fire Selector set

I ordered two sets of these to slap on my sig 556/522 and I must say they look much better than their originals. They are found on the ICS sig 552. Now the biggest flaw in all of the ics after market parts that I've purchased is the quality control. One of the selector sets didn't have the screw wholes properly aligned or even straight. One of the wholes in the selector seems to have been drilled at a 70~75% angle instead of 90%. Another gripe I have came with the second set... the plastic nubs (sorry I dont know what they are actually called) was so warped I had to toss it in the trash. It looks as if someone noticed the problem and attempted to fix it resulting in some sort of crazy dremel job which melted some of the plastic. Goods news is after combining various pieces from each set i managed to get by with a good quality set of selectors.

Rating 2/5 stars

2) ICS Motor Heat Sink

I purchased this for for the asthetics to be honest. ICS replaced the standard hex screw bit with an angled flat head screw bit which works well. The overall fell is sturdy and it actually does seem to pull more heat off the motor than a standard JG & cyma motor plate. I did some visual testing firing around 500 rounds and simply grabbed my motor as quick as I could. Its not much of a difference but I can see if you fired a shit ton of rounds in succession it would reduce the wear to your motor generated by excess heat. Speaking negatively the screws that came with the motor heat sink aren't long enough even to pass the motor plate. One of them managed to barely squeak by with maybe 1/16th of an inch of clearance. Needless to say the screws are useless and I wonder why ics even included them.

rating: 4/5 stars (because of the screws)

3) ICS Tactical Motor Pistol Grip for SIG Series AEG (MTS)

Where to start... if you want a sexy look buy this. If you want someone that feels good in your hands and not a cheap POS walmart toy don't even bother. ICS claims the finish will never wear out on this thing. I'd have to agree considering it feels like dry concrete. I have what I'd call small to middle size fingers and you'd need (NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE) midget fingers to get the groves in the grip to line up. The middle finger grove actually hits the trigger guard forcing you to move the trigger guard to the side position which I know most fields hate. Having an exposed trigger while running around really isn't what I'd like to do. Again this piece is basically eye candy and its uncomfortable. This is possibly the worst feeling grip I've ever used but damn does it look good.

rating: 4/5 stars

4) ICS 380rd Hicap Magazine for SIG 550 / 552 Series Airsoft AEG Rifle

Finally something I can't complain about. I'd like to mention that I HATE high caps due to the rattling sound that the bbs make while sneaking around but this high cap makes it all worth it. I've used TM & "MAG" brand mags and this mag feeds (by far) the best at extremely high ROF.

I'm running a 10.8v nihm 1500maH and a systema magnum motor. I swapped out from my m120 to an m100 just to see if it could keep up. NO PROBLEMS. I find the TM mags stop working so well at crazy lipo-like ROFs and the "MAG" brand mags crap out before the TM mags.

The mags look cheap as they are longer and feel more brittle than the TM/MAG mags available (both low,mid & high caps alike [jg]).

rating: 5/5 stars
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