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A funny one I just thought of, more a good example of the timing I've learned...... was a skirmish at the Foxden, I was in the center tower of the haybale area and guys all over. Hazard was about 130ft away, picks up a thick aluminum foil baking pan Testtube and I were shooting at earlier in the day and uses it as a shield and starts shooting at guys on my team. BBs were hitting it and denting it, he was having fun until I let loose a 0.30g and punched a hole through the pan, he said he looked through the hole, saw me in the tower, said fuck that and dropped the pan. Later in that game, Helios uses a folding table as a shield, he's about 100ft away and moving it sideways bit by bit, I notice his hand reaches out, picks up his G36, moves it a foot, then picks up the table and takes a step sideways, puts it down, moves his gun, picks the table up again, another step.......... anyways, watched him do it twice, aimed for where I knew his hand would be, saw it start to come out again and let my round fly. Smacked him right in the side of the hand, seeing him jump and start swearing was great, Testtube was only 30ft away from him watching, he almost fell over laughing. Nutshell, if a guy does something the say way twice with about the same timing, chances are high he'll do it a third time. Learn to watch and time, and you'll get some fun kills on guys.
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