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First one;
Seddon corner, sandy hill terrain. I'm on the top of a hill with a large burm just before the decline, well theres a guy down there in fairly dense bush maybe 25 feet away. Take aim....wait for it... good view! PLACK! (CRAP I'm out of ammo!!!), so obviously he hears this and opens up, I yell to my spotter he's down there so he's waiting on the side of the hill where theres a road layed out infront of us.
So I quickly reload the rifle, and my spotter hit someone, so I dash down to the other side of the road hoping to setup there, well it turns out there was two of them and the other guy was 30 feet away on the side of the road I'm running to....
So I take a quick shot as I'm dashing across the road, and hop into what I thought was a foot deep ditch, ended up being 3 feet deep, hurting my knees and probably saving me lol
Cock the rifle and take another quick snap shot as BB's are flying around me, this time I got him

Second; This one I got on youtube!
Sneaking up behind an enemy position, I'm in the forest and see a guy patrolling from the crossroad coming towards me on the path, take him down no problem. Slowly make my way up to the crossroads and I here two guys talking. I'm about 35 feet away, and I wait.... and turn on my camera....and wait....
Then they get spooked! (Turns out another sniper was in the bush across from me and to the right and he took a shot and missed them)
So they decide to make a dash for their home base! They make it to the center of the crossroads and stop just as they notice me, I take the shot and hit him. I quickly recock and aim at the next guy, but the first guy hasn't called his hit (DAMNIT) and the second guy doesn't have his rifle up.... Shoot the first guy again. This time he's called hit.
Second guy actually starts RUNNING from me (lmao he's got an AEG and I has a bolt action sniper). Unfortunately I was too pumped and couldn't get a good lead on him....
But I'm amazed someone actually ran from a sniper 35 feet away lol

Third; Back at ducky's farm. We had a junkyard there with this old broken down disease and squirrel crap ridden truck back camper. The perfect sniper hole.
We were playing real-hit (where if your limb gets shot, you can't use it). First 5 minutes of the game I get shot in the right arm (DAMNIT). Rest of the game I was using the rifle with only my left hand.....
Anyway, Riley's making a charge and I get him in the leg. Then an arm, then someone shoots him in the other leg...... then I got him in the other arm.... So he's a stub with a knife in his mouth slowly shoulder crawling towards us. So I yell out to him "Just turn your back to me so I can shoot you in the back! I don't want to hit your face!". So he turns his back to me, but I'm laughing so damn hard that I just can't hit him from 50 feet away with only my left hand on the rifle LOL
I think I ended up getting someone with an AEG to shoot him

Fourth; Okay every well seasoned sniper has had this happen. Where for 100 feet in dense bush there is this incredibly convenient perfectly shaped round hole a few inches in diameter all the way to your target.

Fifth; CFB Rivers; We're trying to get new guys to learn how to clear buildings. So we're in this old abandoned steam plant, and they're coming in through the back door. So across the back of the building there's windows at head height, and one door off on the right with narrow windows on each side. We're up on the concrete catwalk probably 60 feet up, with a raised mesh catwalk directly between us and the window, they're about 80 feet away.
So one gets wise and starts shooting through the window and through the catwalk to get at us on the concrete catwalk. I take ONE shot and zip it cleanly through the catwalk and hit him in the top of the head. Total fluke lol
Then they start coming through the door... First guy leans up where the window is, doesn't realize the windows broken.... So one more down lol
The door is almost shut, and they're ready to swing it open, but the guy has his foot sticking out about 3 inches from the frame. Another one gone lol
His buddy right across from him, where I shot the guy who didn't realize the window was broken, has his foot sticking out 3 inches, where the window is broken. Second guy I shot in the foot.

Overall that day at rivers was a pretty good day for shooting lol
Just wish I'd get used to using my gun cam more often
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