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Good for actually reading the FAQ's. That's what they're there for.

1) Usually 400 for outdoors 350 or 330 for indoors. Choose whatever gets the better reviews. FPS doesn't mean shit. It's much better to get say a high quality gun shooting at 330 FPS than it is to get a cheaper (in terms of build quality) one that might shoot 390 FPS. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ASSUMING YOU CHRONO WITH .20 g. BB's. YOU WILL ALWAYS CHRONO WITH 20 g. BB's AS IT WILL MAKE EVERYTHING EVEN. If you want to get technical it's ~1.4 Joules of muzzle velocity for outdoors (~400 with .20) and 1 Joule of muzzle velocity for indoors (330 with .20).

2) A spring swap will change FPS and it's relatively easy to do. For $12 (plus shipping) and an hour of your time (if doing this for the first time) or 10 minutes with a gundoc and you'll have a rifle that shoots higher or lower.

3) Paintball mask is always your best bet since a lot of venues we play at are paintball fields (some may require full mask, others just the sealed ASTM rated goggles part) and even others will allow military shooting glasses. The JT Flex8 can be found for like $80 CAD but at Canadian Tire there's a lower end entry level model which is $40. I highly suggest you get a mask that has removable goggles because that way if the field says you need full mask put them together but if you only need the goggles part then take it off if you wish.

4) As already stated Age Verification.
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