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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I consider anyone who handles baggage a "ramp rat" even if they aren't physically on the apron (that includes the people who stand beside the counters and tell you to turn your bag upside down so the wheels don't slip as it's on the conveyor and the people who deal with "special baggage" like skis/boards, bikes, and rifles).

@ FNG: Haha that's funny about the water bottle thing.
Fair enough. I can only speak for myself here but screw telling people how to put their bags, if your to stupid to figure it out I just smile and imagine the darwin award in your future. Also other then physically searching a bag I dont bother touching a passengers stuff. No need. We also dont deal with any "special" luggage like that stuff. Not in Calgary any way. Find it odd any other airport would either. All that stuff isnt allowed in the cabin any how.

The the idea behind the bottle of water thing is kinda stupid till you realize that certain airports have been getting alot more "scares" with certain items. Like oh say a clear liquid in a glass bottle that registers as Nitro... you all laugh but hey it happens. And Ill tell every one the same thing I tell that passenger when they complain.

"Go take this bottle over their and shake it, if you can walk back to me you can keep it."
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