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Ah....sniper memories....
It was a new year's game in Wolcott, CT, USA; there was a milsim going on the first of January this year. Im doing the usual thing, i was covert ops, and i was tasked with taking out the leader and his four subordinates; I had a KJW M9, my heavily upgraded VSR10, and 5 clips of ammo for each gun. So I get to the target location, find my MED and set up a FFP. As i was scoping the target camp out, I finally saw the target, surrounded by his 4 bodyguards. One by one, within a matter or 5 minutes, all targets were down. As I was beginning to go back to the "extraction zone," I saw movement to the left, so I slung my rifle on my back and drew my pistol. Then, I remembered that there was a path where the noise was coming from, and there was a point where there were bushes and a side wind. So I, crawled all the way there, since the path was long and it'd take a while to get there. I finally got to the bushes, and waited for my prey; 4 minutes later, they came, they passed within 16 inches of me, and that's when i came out; gun drawn, pointed at them. There were 6 of them, so, I said safety kill 6 times. Of course there's that one cocky guy who will point his gun at you, whom i dispatched quickly, and walked with them back to camp. That, I feel was my crowning achievement of my airsoft career. Lord knows I'm not promoting the sniper role; I've just received sniper training from an ex-marine sniper (my uncle), and adapted the tactics for airsoft
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