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Originally Posted by BoGrain View Post
Reading a lot before buying is actually a really Wise thing to go

G36 are made by several compagnies
If I can jump in. I have the Ares Umarex G36C.

( for a view of the G36 variant: )

I'm new to airsoft, and only played a few games.

I can't say for gears and all, because I'm new to this. But up to now, I'm having a blast with it. Of course, I took the "C" version to be able to be easily on the move (I wouldn't see myself with something like a full blown G36). But because it is full blow back, it makes one hell of a noise, and a small recoil that's interesting. For sure, say you're looking at an interdiction position, a blow back version would really be nice just for the noise it makes. That tells the ennemy "Yeah, I'm there, and I have the gun to assume it".

Less stealthy for the G36C, of course, but in all case, the blow back can be disabled easily.

Now, the REALLY nice thing about that version is that you can change the spring in it to pass from 350 FPS to 400 FPS in a few seconds. No need to change all the elaborate pieces and all. It's really just a hex screw to remove, and voila, you have the spring. That's especially interesting if you're looking to do both close quarter combat as well as open air engagement. One gun for two different style. Of course, perhaps the G36 isn't the best for CQB, but it is retractable.

Lastly, the only problem with any G36 are the mags and the tactical vests. I've looked around alot, and if you're looking for pouches for your mags, you'll have to look for very specific MOLLE pouches. And they're very tight regardless which you take, it seems. It's not a big problem, of course, but I've been in enough situations where a bad mag needed to be changed in the middle of a fight that it can be a life saver sometimes.

Of course, I'm a new guy with all of this, and anyone who had different experience with the AEG Ares Umarex serie can contradict me, I'll take no offense
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