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Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Someone mentioned KJW's are crap - I beg to differ, I quite like KJW... in terms of their GBB pistols being clones. However, clones they still are. Their newer generations are getting better, that's for sure, but the tolerances (linked to performance) are still not on par with TM. Cheapness and semi-decent quality of metal make up for this though - KJW's just take work, assuming you're willing to put the work in. More so than a stock TM would, especially when it comes to reliability. If you don't mind technical headaches, then a KJW could work for you? lol, they're still better than WE's, IMO.
Agreed here. As with most companies for most products, some products are better than others and KJW's 226/229 are pretty good values for the price, considering they're full metal. The Cybergun -distributed ones are supposed to get additional QC in addition to having licensed trademarks.

On my 229, I was actually surprised by the overall tolerances: the slide rides snugly on the frame, everything works quite smoothly, nothing is loose. A couple of minor gripes about design choices -- non-removable front sight, semi glossy paint finish, not-quite-accurate markings, non-engraved trademarks -- but I suppose they contributed to keeping the pricepoint down. And while the design may be inspired by (and borrowed freely from~) TM, I don't think it is, or is meant to be, a full clone.

So it may not be a showpiece but it's a decent workhorse. If you want a full metal 226 (I, personally, have become allergic to plastic in this day and age), it's a good option to consider: the TM and most KSCs (and Tanakas, if you can find one) are ABS (no one in Canada seems to carry the full metal KSC, and I doubt there's more than a small handful in the entire country).

Upgrading a TM to full metal is expensive and a huge pain in the ass, fraught with pitfalls, headaches and deceptions: I've done it myself, people I know have done it... right off the bat you're buying two restricted items (a gun and the metal body), both with the nice fat Canadian markup, plus a whole range of internal upgrades to make it all work, lots of tuning and, in my experience, a lot of sanding or dremeling to get things to fit properly. And even then, sometimes, performance isn't everything you'd hope it would be: it's just metal and it generally works. Plus, as guys like Illusion and Amos can attest to, if you don't know what you're doing you'll end up with a half assed gun, full stop.

The KJ, on the other hand, starts off cheaper, is full metal and will generally perform well with only a few non-restricted internal upgrades: the valve-knocker on the 226 and maybe a spring set, and as is typical on most GBBs a better piston head. If you need performance a tightbore is always a good choice, but that's an add-on for any brand. Will it be as pretty as a TM with a Guarder body? Not even close. But does it work well with less headaches and at a fraction of the cost? Hell yeah.

Not only that, but at the end of the day I'm a lot less concerned about banging up a $250 KJ on the field than a $800 FMU TM. (YMMV.)
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