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Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Oh, local guy here who usually finds his way around his guns pretty decently had issues putting his P226 back together after getting a new valve knocker in there. Just FYI... figure out how it goes back together as you're taking it apart.
Yeah, the thread did jump all over the place.

Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Also, nerd raging FTW. Welcome to ASC, especially when you post an idea up that doesn't make much sense (like asking about WE products then talking about a non-existent WE P226 then talking about how your P226 isn't a WE then talking about GBBR's and then talking about getting a KJW something then talking about the Cybergun/KJW P226).
Again, I did not have all the info on the gun. Going off the cuff with hersey info was permature for sure. I am still absolutely stunned that it was sold to my friend, (who is selling me the gun), advertised as a WE gun. Seeing people nerd-rage just makes me believe the site is not all it's cracked up to be.

Originally Posted by juicy View Post
Someone mentioned KJW's are crap - I beg to differ, I quite like KJW... in terms of their GBB pistols being clones. However, clones they still are. Their newer generations are getting better, that's for sure, but the tolerances (linked to performance) are still not on par with TM. Cheapness and semi-decent quality of metal make up for this though - KJW's just take work, assuming you're willing to put the work in. More so than a stock TM would, especially when it comes to reliability. If you don't mind technical headaches, then a KJW could work for you? lol, they're still better than WE's, IMO.
lol, that basically applies to all non-TM guns. Some worse than others.
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