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Cybergun is KJW, isn't it? Not even close to a WE. Especially since WE doesn't make a P226... gah, never mind.

If you read the responses again, WE GBBR's are supposedly pretty good?

And on the note of the P226, the KJW version is uh, a clone that doesn't clone properly. There is no mag compatibility with TM (TM mags are IMO the best you can get - balance of affordability with quality with performance... then again, I don't know squat about WA performance). Valve knocker tends to break on KJW's. Clones tend to have tolerances that fail, and thus you'll probably have a rattly pistol. KJW hop up arms and rubbers and barrels are not nearly as decent as their TM equivalents.

Seeing as you don't seem to read the words that others have taken the time to post in this thread of yours, I've bolded the only thing that you might actually listen to in this post.
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