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Originally Posted by VooDooPeteK View Post
depends on what your intentions are

we have guys and girls that come play with karkens, aftermaths, clear springers and have fun.

Sometimes its who you play with not what you play with that makes for a good time.

Plus if you can't rent a gun (our local field doesn't rent guns and I have yet to see a player there rent a gun) do you really want to spend huge cash on a gun when you are just getting into the sport and not sure if you will really like it?

Yes the aftermath guns are not the best but they will get you on the field playing and giving you an idea what its like. Then save some cash up and get something better for yourself and then you have a loaner gun to get your friends into it.
I think i met you at DMZ today.. thanks for the advice. I was the guy in the grey F150 who was covered in drywall dust cuz i just walked off a construction site...
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