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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Hahaha.... I guess you didn't mention the excessive amount of drinking that would have gotten all of ASC's high functioning alcoholics into reconsidering their careers.

PS: I'm not a geographer, geologist or engineer. I'm kind of in between all of them and know almost nothing about a lot of things (rather than knowing a lot about almost nothing).
You must be more of a geographer than you claim, because not many people know that you can't out drink a geomorphologist. Hell, one of the two teachers is Scottish, and the other might as well be when it comes to scotch and whiskey. :)

Actually, I don't know if I'll end up as a geomorphologist, right now I'm working in the GIS lab, having 10 years of experience in system administration / web development sure helps. Biogeography is my main interest, but there's no demand for biogeographers nowadays. Geomorphology is fun, but a LOT of people want to get into it, so the competition is fierce.

Anyway, back to topic, what was it again? Oh yeah, ASC drinkers.
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