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I got a good example for Drakkers post:

Would you buy a plastic floor hockey stick to play recreational ice hockey? No. That plastic floor hockey stick can be compared to the crappy $20 POS "softair"/crapsoft.

OK So we've established you shouldn't bring a floor hockey stick to a recreational ice hockey league. Now obviously you're not a professional ice hockey player since you're playing in a rec league, and since you don't have too much money you're not going to buy the same kind of sticks that the pros use that might cost $100+ each.

So what do you do? Well..... you have the option of buying a used $20 stick from a local consignment store. That's perfect, not the best out there, and not the worst POS that will break after a single slapshot or hard pass.

The point is you can buy cheap but you also need to consider how cheap you should go. $5 for a POS stick that you can't slapshot with, $20 for a decent used entry level stick that will make the league games more fun (than not having a stick to play with) or $100+ for a professional grade composite stick with all the bells and whistles. At the same time it's not about what stick you have either, it's more about who you're playing with in that league that makes it fun (ie. hardcore "play to win" types of guys or "laid back friday night for fun league" guys). Actually you know what, starting out airsoft can pretty much be directly compared to starting out hockey. You can worry about a stick but you also have to worry about skates that offer good support (boots), helmet and jock strap (PB mask/eye pro), etc.

PS: Drakker, how did you get that Geomorpologist user title? I wanna hear the story.
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