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Originally Posted by smchev View Post
Hmm, and why is that. The Kirenex m4 with the S-system looks badass, and is supposed to have metal guts, as well be fully compatable with any top notch AEG parts.
Low end products often boast all metal internals. The thing is, there are different qualities of metal alloys. Most often, in these low end product, they use shitty alloys (often called "pot metal") that aren't very durable. So in the end, the all metal internals might break and you have to replace a lot of the parts and that will run you as much as the base price of the gun.

If you buy an Aftermath product, expect to have to spend a lot of time fixing it, and that is gonna cost you a lot of money. You just might be lucky and get a very good one that is gonna last you a while, but that is often not the case with low end products.

Once you get AVed, you can get much better guns for about 50-100$ more. With better quality internals and much much much better externals.

If money really is an issue, the Crossman S34P shotgun is often for sale at 70-90$ at Canadian Tire. With a good coat of paint it looks good, extra shells are cheap, and its very good for indoor play. This will give you a taste of the sport for cheap, and if you decide you like it, you can buy better guns later when you have more money put aside.

Good guns retain a lot of resale value while cheap guns are hard to sell back and will often sell for a tiny fraction of their retail value. There's a reason why a lot of people here will tell you to buy a high end gun. They are that much better, and the value/quality per dollar is WAY higher than cheap guns. Also, being tougher, they won't break as often as cheap guns, which will save you a lot of headaches later on.

Also, VoodooPetek got it right: "Sometimes its who you play with not what you play with that makes for a good time." Its good people that make Airsoft fun, not Airsoft guns that make good people. While this might seem contrary to what I just said, the way I see it, you don't need to have the best gun to be a good player. I've seen a lot of people running only pistols in CQB, being severely out-gunned, and we still had a lot of fun. If you plan to get a taste of Airsoft during the winter, a good quality pistol might fit better in your budget, and its more than good enough to play indoor (provided the place is heated if you use a gas gun).

Though, from having played often with pistol-only and shotguns, the shotgun is often more versatile since it has a much better effective range. Or get a pistol with a few mags AND a shotgun, then, as a team, you can be effective at long range with the shotgun, and still retain quick-fire ability in close range with the pistol. This way, when you buy a better gun, you already have your sidearm... this way you will not have wasted a lot of money on cheap AEGs that you are not gonna use anymore once you get a good gun.

Sorry... I like rambling. It wasn't that bad, was it? :)
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