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Now you have me thinking.... one classic moment was my creeping over a berm of thick brush, saw Sonic doing the tactical run up to the side of a tower facing me, was only about 150ft away, I aimed and fired, saw a little branch a foot from my muzzle bounce, loaded another while wathing him surveying ahead of him, he's still couched down, I launch another and it hits the plywood just in front of his shoulder with a loud smack (0.36g), he starts, gets up and runs faster than I've seen him go before. Later he laughs and said he knew it was me, and there was no fucking way he was gonna stick around for another shot.

Another classic, there was a small group of great players (Bad Karma, etc.) holding a small base in the middle of an open field, I was stalking through the brush trying to get within range, got about to 200ft and fired a round, heard it smack the plywood, saw the guys all drop down behind cover. I moved sideways to another location and fired again after about 5mins, same reaction from my round hitting. Again, moved farther up, fired, same reaction. Did this once more, then heard on the radio two of my teammates were pinned down in a tower on the other side of the field (about 800ft away, the same one where I had my fun with Sonic), so I took off to help them out. Later, the owner of the LZ (TC) came up to me and asked if I was lobbing shots at the guys in the 'haybale base' at one point, I said I did, about 4 shots over 20mins then I left, he laughed and said I had them pinned down in there for a good hour! Lol, love being a sniper, it isn't about the kills, it's about the reactions of comingn close and the psychological effect on other from the "out of no where" shots. If you hit things and make your presence known, you don't need to get kills to be effective.
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