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through the snipers scope.

So I have really taken to my vsr this year and I have discovered something... When people do not know you are there they do some really odd and sometimes beutiful things.

And example of both of these happened our last game. First as watching my gf from about 400 feet away move on the other side of the field like a secret againt lol. Duck spin twirl dash jump dive crouch... Funny thing she was leaving her whole side open to me... Out of range though.

The latter came later that day. While still hanging out in the same spot my spotter pointed out two shadows across the field. I check it out and its the other team talking... Well two of them. They seperate and one starts across my field of view... Just inside my range. So as I am setting up my lead on him he does something so beautiful it almost brought a tear to my eye. He turned 90deg right at me fully exposed... I am at his chest... Inhale... Sqweeze the trigger. He hears the pop of my metal piston and ducks down. Well now what used to be his chest becomes his head lol. Pang on the helmet... He yells hit and goes "who the hell hit me!" I had to bite my tongue so hard not to laugh.

So... Its story sharing time. Can't wait to hear from stalker and amos lol.
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