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Next time you go to an airsoft game ask if there will be an AV rep present beforehand or something. That way you don't need to run around on your own time (and the AV reps time since they're only volunteers) to get it done.

Sounds like you're 18 and your brother is younger? If so then no worries, as long as the gun is your property (ie. kept under your lock and key in storage) and he is supervised at all times with it then you'll be fine.

That said I believe the Kraken and Broxa are the "best" out of the Aftermath line. They're by no means the greatest and I would strongly suggest saving up around $300 each ($600) and getting something of better quality that you know will work. Hell you could even see if you could get a deal since you're buying for 2 people (maybe they're $400 each but if you buy two you could get them for $750 shipped or something).

AV definitely opens up a lot of possibility and you might even be able to snag a deal so maybe you'll want to rent the next time you go and then buy once your AV goes through. (PS: When you buy used, make sure that the person is reputable and you get good descriptions of the item, a lot of people have been getting burned because of things not being mentioned or something is wrong) Also buying locally and being able to see it first hand and test fire it is highly recommended.
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