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I don't really have time to write a complete review but I do own (I should say owned, I traded it 2 days ago) a VFC GBBR.

It's the version with the marklings and I can tell one thing: it IS very sexy. Feels very realistic when compared to a real AR-15. Weight is well distributed and there is ZERO wobble between the upper/lower receiver.

The bolt is also the most realistic looking one I saw in an airsoft gun (it's up there along with prime and inokatsu). The trigger group is well made and the parts which are under a lot of stress are made out of steel. There are no seam lines and parts are very well molded and this contributes to the smooth running of things. The hammer has a roller bearing for a smooth bolt travel.

The buffer and tube are just your normal ones but the buffer is somewhat strange, featuring an integrated spring which I see no real purpose other than to transfer the energy from the bolt to the buffer. The kick is very nice, crisp and strong. One minor flaw is the buffer retaining pin which is a PITA to push without a tool

The gas effieciency is great from what I saw and it performed decently even in 5 degrees weather. The rate of fire was consistant throughout the magazine and showed little cooldown until the end of the mag. On semi-auto, the consistency was great with little to no visible variation between the shots (couldn't test with a chronograph, though, but I'm affraid it's well over 400 FPS on propane)

Speaking of the mag. It is THE worst thing about the VFC. Out of the box, it's way too thick to insert in the magwell. You have to sand the plastic top part to desired width AND file down the top of the ''square'' where the mag catch engages. Once that's done, it's fine. It dosen't look very good but works very well and it dosen't seem to be too fragile (shouldn't leak easily)

The casing is also an AEG type casing (the lower metal part) so you could convert the shell of the mag to use any AEG shell you have (the metal ones with two ''clips'' on the side. I tried to swap with a King Arms metal lowcap shell and it worked well. I guess someone is bound to make a Pmag conversion sometime soon

The hop-up unit is great. Stock, the bucking was greasy and wasn't creating any friction but once cleaned in warm soapy water, it worked amazingly and makes the gun skirmish worthy with good range and accuracy. Two interesting things:

- it uses AEG COMPATIBLE INNER BARRELS and buckings!!!!
- The bucking has a two ''fins'' instead of a simple ''bar''. This means the BB gets 2 friction points with the hop-up rubber and this gives better consistancy. Great idea, VFC!

The outter barrel had quite a bit of wobble when I got the gun but I tightenned all the screws (it's a 2 piece outter barrel design ) and added locktite and it was secure again. The handguard also had a lot of play. Nothing a bit of tape couldn't fix. Easy and invisible fix.

Finally, the stock also had an awful lot of wobble but again, a few lines of tape on the stock tube fixed this. Again, easy and invisible.


I think that pretty much sums it up! If you have any questions, let me know!
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