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Originally Posted by TheMightyOb View Post
I love my kraken, not going to lie its never let me down. I do have teh CQB knight from aftermath as well. Its sketchy, the hop up is shot I think...for cqb its a good choice cuz I got it on sale.
This is what we're saying!!!

Out of the box they can be great and last a 100,000 BB's or horrible and not even go through a quarter of a mag. This is both sides of the extreme though and if anything the distribution is probably approximately normal with a right/positive skew. That is because of lower QC standards you're slightly more likely to get a crappy gun.

Basically you lucked out on the Kraken but the Knight is one of those ones that you see problems with because of the low QC standards.

PS: I'm not saying the Kraken (and by extension some of the other Aftermath products) is a bad gun at all, far from it. If you're a gundoc, wanting a project gun, or just want a base platform to upgrade and practice/learn gun doctoring skills on and give to friends as a loaner then they're great for what you're paying for.
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