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Totally should have attributed those graphics to the rightful owner (Strelok). As for the AV thing getting AV'ed is more of a side effect of playing and not the other way around (ie. playing because you're AV'ed) since you have to show ID to the field owner/game host anyways. Sure you could meet a verifier outside of a game (say at a Timmies or something) but likely an AV rep will be at the game (ask if there will be one there first) and as long as you can get a rental beforehand (by asking if anyone has a rental/loaner available for the game) then it's all good.

PS: The way I understand it is that most airsoft games are "private games" with the host renting the field from the field owner in the case of a paintball venue and they collect game fees to give to the owner. So not being a tool is pertinent here or you'll find that you won't be invited to games anymore.
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