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Originally Posted by aflimadimdim View Post
Ah I see thank you for clearing those questions up (: Could you explain what the 400-500 would be used on? I'm also interested in sniping and have been looking at a few, Are the guns avalible out of the box? Would I need to tweek them or buy things from it? Other then a scope and bipod
Here you go-

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Why not to get a sniper rifle as a first gun.

As for a preview of prices see surebets sig, he spent a lot of time on that.

I would personally suggest something like an M16 or M14 and turning that into a DMR platform then eventually locking it to single shot with delay (via MOSFET) if you really want to become a "sniper". Be warned though that path is really capital intensive and you're looking at $1200 in order to get a gameable sniper platform. Or you could go stock with maybe a few consistency upgrades and just be really really super sneaky.
And for a really good airsoft primer read

Its got rough price breakdowns and everything, great thread.

I can't speak on anything with authority since I'm still looking forward to my first game, but I'll trust L473ncy's advice.

Now as for the age thing, I'm assuming you are 15. You are going to have some problems finding people to play with I think. Most people seem to not like playing with under age kids. Of course just play a game of paintball and you can see why, but it does have an unfortunate side effect of making it hard for under 18's to play. Personally I just waited till I was older. If you are set on trying to get into those 16+ games, just remember to be as respectful and mature as hell. You don't want to drop 800 bucks on something suddenly to be unable to play with anyone.

I hear its MUCH easier to start up in the game when you get Age Verified of course. I'm still waiting for mine to go through

Anyways, good luck and have fun man.
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