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Originally Posted by Brayden View Post
"Did THEY just Leroy?"
That was a great game, I always enjoy a good Leroy charge

My personal favorite was at Op Broadsword. It was a CQB game in a old derelict hospital that apparently was now used for CF training.

I ended up re-spawning with only one teammate (Lisa, if memory serves) and trying to stealthily move up on the enemy team through the first floor, as we assumed most were on the second. As we are clearing a room we get contact from the hall and my teammate is hit, leaving me alone. I waited for a few seconds and let the opfor think they had just picked off a straggler, then I pop out into the hall and give a good spray to keep their heads down. I was running an AKS74U with a lipo, so "a good spray" is not something to be trifled with. Naturally, they ducked and I ran down the hall a bit and ducked into a shower room on the other side of the hall.

Now I'm alone, with no radio, and outnumbered. So I fold the stock on my AK, lay prone, and poke the muzzle and the top of my head around the corner of the door frame and start popping off single shots whenever I see one of them take a peek around the corner. They could not stick their heads out long enough to aim so I lasted quite a while. They eventually got me when backup came from the other direction and got me with a tornado grenade, its only after I died and started walking back to spawn that I realized I had just held half their team at bay for a good 10 minutes or so.

But the best part is that I was close enough to hear them trying to coordinate a plan to take me down:

Opfor 1: "where is he?"
Opfor 2: "Two doors down on the right."
Me: "I can hear you whispering!"
Opfor 1: "...Fuck."

A close second for my favorite moment is using a hat on a stick to draw fire in Op Drug Bust 3

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