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Exclamation Cannot Decide between two average assault rifles having a tough time making my decision DPMS M4 Carbine (A-15) OR Aftermath Broxa : (

Hey guys im not the most experienced in the airsoft field yet i am a perfect shot and know all the internals by heart in many of my airsoft AEG's and GBB's. But i am having a very tough time deciding between my next AEG it will either be a DPMS (JG) M4 Carbine shoots about 380-400FPS with .2 (will be using .25) and a crazy 900 RPM many people say its an awesome gun and i personally think so too according to the specs. OR the Aftermath broxa which has about the same FPS but not too sure about the ROF Many RIS rails, Foregrip, Larger MAG, and is slightly cheaper by $20. Guys do not flame me for posting this because these guns are generally less than $200 Airsoft is my hobby not my life, i am not willing to spend 1000's of dollars on this sport i am buying these mainly to play with my friends and have a good time i currently own a number of guns some being, Afterath Kraken, Sig Sauer P226, UHC Revolver, a C02 NBB silver Colt 1911, TF11 (Mac 11), and and Air Mag C11. + many more spring guns (crap) So ya anything will help be it experience or knowledge you would like to share. Thanks guys wish you all the best.
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