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No need to double post within like 2 minutes. Please use the edit button next time.

Anyways I'll give you a quick breakdown of my startup costs:

Gun $450
BDU's $60
Eyeprotection: I paid $30 (JT sells entry level paintball goggles for like $40 but the nice ones that you'll want to spring for if you can are probably the JT Flex8's that cost around $80 BNIB)
Boots I reused my hiking boots but I paid like $80-90 for them (regular $120)
Chest Rig: $90

I spent $510 for my first game. SO, as you can see I borrowed a lot of gear from my first few games and slowly accumulated gear over the next few months.

Also I'll tell you now that if you want to be a sniper you're definitely going to go way over budget. They need a lot of tuning, tweaking, and upgrades to make them good sniper rifles. At minimum you'd be looking at spending $1200 for a good sniper rifle that is consistent/precise and accurate and it's not even for everyone, it's not like COD or w/e (or even ArmA/Operation Flashpoint which are even more realistic games) it's actually quite boring.
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