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Originally Posted by fleuryfighter View Post
Its not just about maturity its the law..
Lets get things straight.... It's actually not against the law (except possibly in Ontario due to provincial laws). As long as the waiver is signed (and the venue follows whatever their field insurance stipulates) it's all good. That being said a lot of hosts do make games 18+ (or 16+ in some cases) and this is moreso because that's what their feelings/views are and they probably don't want any other headache/administrative worries to worry about.

Also I do agree with strelok, for the most part I wouldn't want a kid running around the field since there seems to be a prevalent "I w4nt 1t na0!" and instant gratification kind of attitude towards things (I'll admit it's probably somewhat a problem in my age cohort/generation but not as much as it appears to be now).

Now if they could prove themselves somehow by say waiting a few years until 16+ and spectating/helping out a few times so that we could judge their character I would have no problem letting them play at 16 or 17 and making an exception (if I had an 18+ rule in place for games I host). Now as for other hosts I don't know what their feelings toward this is like so I can't comment on that but it never hurts to ask politely.
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