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A sort of fugitive game. I was given a 30 second head start then chased by about seven people and had to reach an objective about a kilometer away.

I took the scenic route since I can't quite run at 350fps, and managed to ambush and kill two of them on the way, but the other five got wise to my cunning plan and took the road to the objective, beating me there and setting up a sort of cordon.

However, from my cunning clover-leaf reconnaissance techniques I deduced that they were mostly watching the road, and so I approached through the bushes (the rain and wind masked my sound) and managed to get right up behind one of them. I tapped him on the shoulder and politely informed him he was dead, and then walked right through the cordon and out into the middle of the objective and said something like, "how's it going guys?"
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I havent shot anyone in so long so today i shot myself... it's not the same.
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