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-The heart attack hill at Rigaud....

-See porkchop ruining a perfect ambush by forgetting to put a battery in his gun. (good thing because I was the one getting ambushed)

-The mad germand charge executed with perfection at centra spike 1 ( Porkchop executed 3/4 of the oposing team by himself)

-Last game at the pit I charged the ennery front line with half a mag in the gun and a full chestrig of empties.( good thing I had my thrusty m60e4 pistol)

-Seeing Poncho get his ball shot off by Ravens mgl6. ( Raven was covering a hallway and I was setup in a crossfire position. Next thing I know opfor setup a barricade towards my position and Raven pops them with a grenade. First thing I know I see Poncho storm the room yelling that ravens grenade launcher is empty. Next thing I hear is the distictive sound of a gas grenade go off all I see is a flood of green and yellow bb roll out of the doorway and poncho yell "WTF you have two" to witch raven replies " no I have 6".

-During a night game actually using Raven's arm as leverage to haul me out of a ditch... The problem is that I was sure his arms was a branch.... the real problem was that He was on the opposite team.... Thanks bud for not shooting me.

-These are some of the good ones.... But there are so many others that I would be typing for days on end.... Usualy there is at least 1 memorable moment in every game
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