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Brillant stuff like that wins battles!

Yeah, I've successfully lost my team in Muskoka as well. It's my moral compass that I lead with.

That game BT was referring to was the one I arrived at in the evening. I played all day at the LZ in Ottawa, then jumped in my car and drove through some hillbilly roads and eventually made it to Muskoka.

It's always interesting to hear another persons perspective about something you were both involved in. It's like when two people look at a picture and they see things differently. That night was no exception.

BT is right. Muskoka was banged up pretty good after that weather hit it. Both of us were wandering back into the fight, and I think it donned on us at the same time that we were in their backyard, and in a prime position to slay bodies.

I remember BT stalking up to a Russian player and going for him. Then I remember the dude screaming like a bomb siren. As I dropped to a knee to lay down fire, I remember clearly wondering how in the hell did that go wrong? The rules had medic bandages. I remember getting hit, and then applying the bandage. I think BT got hit too. There was a short lull while we collected ourselves, and then we were back to killing bad guys.

If you can imagine night time and on a side of an elevation, cluttered with trees. Now imagine bad guys in the back ground, in the mid ground, and in the foreground. When BT and I opened on them, I watched the foreground drop, then the mid ground fall apart, and then some background folks started to drop. I swear it was like we were clearing the jungle in Predator.

BT and I hooked up again, and made it back to the market. This was a no fire zone and both sides were there for hot dogs and water. I remember walking into a group of bad guys that weren't involved in our little gunfight and saying, "Wow. All that killing made me very hungry."

Sure, we got lots of kills. I was more impressed that we made it out in one piece. Good times.

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