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OPCT 2 Capital Thunder - Dead tired after a whole night ops sneaking into OPFOR and some minor skirms with OPFOR, Got the nuke and went back to base to get some Z, got down to shorts, T top and my very comfortable beach flip flops.......then that damn Lt gave the orders of ARMED YOURSELF, Prepare to DEFEND and REPEL OPFOR. Just as soon as I finish shouting profanities at the command I gather my mags and gun ready to defend teh small left opening in the base, at the corner of my eye I saw a batch of OPFOR on my left flank trying to sneak in, I proceed to tread along the edge of a minor hill, moved along the edge of a deep stream and arund to their rear flank. To their surprise I pop out of the edge and start shooting....took out six then the next batch and so on, in the process my teammate Chapel and Jezus was taken out (well Chapel fell into the stream), confused the OPFOR was shouting at me thinking that I was OPFOR because I was wearing a red tank top and in a non JOTF uniform. Finally with all the OPFOR on the side dead I gave the rest of teh OPFOR with the boys a chase until Lt issue dteh stand down order. That morning dead tired from the night mission all night ops and the rest of JOTF successfully defend our base capping a memorable weekend for all the participant.

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