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Viking and I are at a bog game at Wolfpack Muskoka. The game with the white barrels we had to take from each other. FOr the life of me I can't remember the name of the game

This was just after the tornado that went through that area and knocked down allot of trees so neither of us was really sure where we were. We set out from the "Market" safe zone, and started up a hill. About 10m in we hooked up with a line of guys and just started walking with them.

About half way up the hill one guy ahead of me starts talking in Russian. The line stops and two guys go by us with a couple of barrels.

I look at Viking and he looks at me. I stage whisper "You know where we are?"

Viking: "Yep"
Me: "Ready?"
Viking: "Yep"

The line starts moving again and Viking pulls out his smokes to give us a reason to stay put as the last man in the line goes by.

I roll up behind the last man and I reach around cut his throat, but I FUCKING MISS and rake him across his breastbone, so the guy starts yelling and falling. Good on him for knowing I missed but still at least acting wounded. He screamed REALLY fucking loud.

We start spraying the line, me on the left and him on the right, backing up to some cover behind a large fallen tree. We got about 10 of em before we got separated. I fall over the tree on my side and lost sight of Vike.

Hunkered down I got three more, and one more with a barrel behind me. I grabbed the barrel and kicked it down the hill, I hooked back up with Viking. He got another 2 or 3 himself. We took the barrel back to the Safe Zone and rv'd with the rest of our team...

It was like a fucking movie. Just perfect.
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