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Question Hi capa race guns --IPSC only or other uses?

Hey guys, please don't flame lol. I don't post much because I search and search and pretty much just read threads.

I was wondering if people who build race use them for only IPSC or related target practice? Is it an unwritten rule that they are only used for target practice and unmodified or close to stock hi capas are gamed?

I just figured that race guns are too nice use in a game. Am I wrong or do people actually use them outside of competitions and target practice? I'm interested in build one or buying one in the future. I would not use it outdoors because I only play indoor cqb. So to sum it up--- race guns, perfect or impractical for cqb? Other than protecting the rds, I wouldn't mind if the slide or gun had an nicks etc, I am very careful with my guns.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance
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