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I don't know what the kraken lemon rate is but it must be low cause me and 3 friends all have one and I haven't met anyone in person who received a lemon kraken so I'm gonna stick with 0:1 lemon rate for now. Maybe it depends on where you get your kraken from.

Though one of my friends kraken is in bad shape since he's fired at least 30,000 rounds of 0.12g bbs and hasn't used silicon grease or the cleaning rod. I call him a waste of a decent gun. He also doesn't use the hop-up... Some people shouldn't have the right to own a mid-grade airsof gun.

Aside from that, it's very reliable but I learned this after one of my idiot friends was playing with it. Don't pull the bolt back too hard or the stopper will break off and it becomes somewhat loose. (but not noticible unless you're using the bolt)
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