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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I wrote one up a while ago...

One of Leecas' WW2 games at the old, old flag raiders...

If I find it I'll repost it...but to summarize:
- buddies and shooting
- light snow falling in the forest
- deer walking right across our line
- my 2nd child was born
- got to finish the game

I think I got into airsoft the day after this game when I read the after action!

Those of you who know Leecas know he is a pretty calm dude (when he isnt making it rain :P). Needless to say when hes CHARGING UP A HILL BEHIND YOU YELLING FOR YOU TO MOVE YOUR ASS, YOU DO IT.
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I'm no expert on the law, but the only victims of rape in this story are the 40 men.
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