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finch field
start game, on the hill over looking the trail. I grab a bunch of twigs stick them in my boonie and lie down next to a tree everybody laughs at me. i pull out my mags and stack them infront of me and take aim down the trail game begins, heres comes the enemy few rounds there out, another bunch, a mag there out just riddling the trail.... well i finally get hit.

second part move down the ridge to the right moving through the trees i meet up with two members of my team, we continue down the trail and engage two targets husband wife, they go back to spawn and we continue down the left flank, few minutes later we come up on their spawn..we see the enemy coming in and out, finally we decide to run. so the three of us, run out from the trees running full tilt shooting at the respawned troops, all you hear is "holy sh*t are those our guys?!" we keep running, straight through the spawn and up the trail i take out a few people before getting shot and a guy runs up trying to mercy me after i'm already hit.
"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til ya understand who's in ruttin' command here."
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